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Looking towards United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 17 taking place next month in Durban, South Africa. It’s always good to remind ourselves what is written in People’s Agreement of Cochabamba and how urgent action we need.
World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth  April 22nd, Cochabamba, Bolivia        
Today, our Mother Earth is wounded and the future of humanity is in danger.
If global warming increases by more than 2 degrees Celsius, a situation that the “Copenhagen Accord” could lead to, there is a 50% probability that the damages caused to our Mother Earth will be completely irreversible. Between 20% and 30% of species would be in danger of disappearing. Large extensions of forest would be affected, droughts and floods would affect different regions of the planet, deserts would expand, and the melting of the polar ice caps and the glaciers in the Andes and Himalayas would worsen. Many island states would disappear, and Africa would suffer an increase in temperature of more than 3 degrees Celsius. Likewise, the production of food would diminish in the world, causing catastrophic impact on the survival of inhabitants from vast regions in the planet, and the number of people in the world suffering from hunger would increase dramatically, a figure that already exceeds 1.02 billion people. The corporations and governments of the so-called “developed” countries, in complicity with a segment of the scientific community, have led us to discuss climate change as a problem limited to the rise in temperature without questioning the cause, which is the capitalist system…

David Maisel
Part of his “Oblivion” series.

Anuradhapura | Sri Lanka (by worldlover)

Sadhu by amadamala on Flickr.

Jodhpur Guard by stutzfamily on Flickr.

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